buy Ivermectin uk Well we are 6 days in and it doesn’t look like we are going to test negative for day 6 and 7 to escape quicker! We’ll be on the full 10 days!

order Gabapentin online reddit I spent 4 hours sorting my gmail inbox and deleted 3 years worth of stuff that was in there. I then did the same with my JDK old email address so my inbox collection are looking better! I hope there wasn’t anything too important in there. I even made more files on the side !…you know to slide things across!! Very Hi Tech for me!

I have sorted more clothes for the charity shop after reading about us having way too much stuff and need to get it all down to a few things…I think I will have to do that one slowly because I have massively too much stuff. Probably 6 pairs of black patent stilettos, certainly 6 pairs of black boots but all with different heels but how many pairs can we wear is the thing! Jeans in different shades – I just cant go there – more than 20!

I have sorted a big cupboard full of paper…peoples addresses…odd notes…old files… I just brought it in a box from Cheltenham when we moved 18 months ago and had never had the time to sort it…but it feels good now that it is all thrown or filed!!

But today I was desperate to go out for a coffee! and get some fresh air so I sat outside in the quite breezy weather and had my skinny latte extra hot outside in my own garden! Why Not?!

I do still have a half done puzzle on the table and a shelf of box files to sort but will I have enough until the end of the week? At least with everyone going back to work tomorrow it might get busier! Phone calls! emails!

Actually, I think I have coped quite well really once I got over the melt down of filling out the form after the positive PCR…I hate forms!

Exercising going well thanks to Courtney Black. Relaxing going well thanks to my Yoga mentor Rachel Done and now that I have frozen the chocolate cake I am hoping to come out fitter, and slimmer after the Christmas Gorge!

Any other tips to keep me occupied in the last 4 days are gladly taken! I still haven’t got started on series one of the Crown but there is still time!

Still Counting!!

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