Tabaco It is always a tricky one isn’t it when your flight is at 6.25 a.m The press is full of ‘get to the airport at least 3 hours before’ so that is 3.25! which means leaving Cheltenham to get to Stansted at 1 a.m.

Áno Liósia So do you stay up all night and get to Spain feeling like S**T! or go to bed at 8, toss and turn until 12.45 then get up and go, or stay over in a hotel at Stansted and still go to bed early and toss and turn but you don’t have to get up until 3.30 a.m.

Yep! we chose the latter because it had a few positives….

1. We left on sunday afternoon and had a nice meal at the hotel.

2. We left the car at the hotel and had meet and greet…big ticks

The Focal Point in the Hotel!

As we didn’t have bags to check in we decided 2 hours would be enough and the airport was mobbed…no seats anywhere including the restaurants…huge queues at the cafes so thank goodness for lounges!

The flight was great and fast! except they didn’t have any food!…only tea but no milk! but had spirits! Apparently, the company that stocks the refreshments on the ryanair flights is having difficulties! but not if you want to get drunk…although 6.25 a.m is a bit early for that!! Jerez is not a top Hen Party or Stag venue…phew!

The Beautiful Beach

So we are here! in our spanish haven. We bought it about 18 years ago when we did our first summer in the boarding house at Dean Close and it was filled up with overseas language students on courses who wanted to party and we didn’t have any responsibility for them! Their teachers wanted to party too!

Loving my new Starbucks Cup!

It’s raw! near the sea and peaceful. We had forgotten which way the water was hot or cold and I have forgotten my night cream so almost 2 third world issues to start with but even if the sun goes in – I have my laptop and books to read…I am ready to holiday! I hope you enjoy the next 10 days with me!

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