I know all retailers were expecting to be busy today, on the first day of trading after a three month lockdown but we exceeded all expectations at our Charity Shop today. We have been operating Click & Collect over the last lockdown. For the last 11 weeks in fact, before we took a two week break, we were pretty proud of taking £5813.00.

But today we were expecting to be busy. We anticipated car loads of donations but we had put it out there that we would only take two bags or boxes per person. Otherwise one person could bring a car load and fill the two dressing rooms that we use to put the clothes into quarantine!

When I visited at lunchtime there were two or three people waiting outside…not as busy as Primark obviously but this is a housed area in Brockworth….we were still feeling popular!

Being able to chat to our regulars and feel part of their community again was fantastic and when I asked Lou, the manager what was selling she said ‘Everything’!

A lady brought in a bag of beautifully, bright, knitted turtles for the Journey Boxes which are given out to the children admitted on to the children’s ward with mental health issues and another lady donated a pile of about 15 x 1000 piece puzzles that had kept her busy!

Sometimes Lou and Ricky do a till reading half way through the day to see how it is going but not today! We are not reading it until 4 p.m. Lou said! and we are aiming for £800 today!

I received a text at 4.10 ….drum roll……They took £1200.95

‘The heart that gives, gathers.’ Marianne Moore.

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