If you can’t try new things in your sixties when can you?? It is still only a few weeks ago that I became sixty, but alongside having my booster jab and flu at the same time last week which makes me feel invincible I also feel open to trying things I have not had time to or had the inclination to do before.

Glogovac So a few months ago I tried yoga with a wonderful teacher called Rachel from Tewkesbury Yoga. I had tried it once before but didn’t feel it was me, but as I continue in middle age (haha) #60isthenew40 I decided I wanted to try things that would improve my wellbeing and wellness. When I do things like this I like to do them on my own, not in classes. I like to be totally undistracted by other people and hence have had one to one yoga instruction and love it.

I visited Nadine at the Woodland Wellness Centre for a cuppa and chat and Nadine told about the services she offers. Meditation always strikes me as being very concentrated and concentration is not one of my best attributes! but when she talked about the shinrin yoku walks I was interested in spending time close to nature. I had read about grounding and Kelly, from the Pied Piper Office and I had talked about trying it.

I was booked in and met Nadine at at an entrance to woodland. Before we stepped past the fence she said I had to leave all my thoughts, negative and positive behind and that I needed to use my senses to feel nature. I needed to inhale the smells, look at the colours and surroundings and listen to the sounds. She spoke about how when we are children we look at everything with wonder and excitement, such as Christmas lights, fireworks and forests. We imagined elves and fairies living there and used our imaginations and then when we become adults we don’t notice it.

We then stepped through the portal!

Nadine has a very calming, voice and she showed me the talking stick she was holding. It is a beautiful, smooth carved piece of wood. Only the person holding the stick can speak! I didn’t speak for nearly an hour!!! Unheard of!

She got me to look at everything, pointing out certain features of the trees and plants and absorbing the smells and noises. At one stage she asked me to look at the trees and stand next to one that I felt in tune with. I am going to leave the next part so that I don’t spoil it for you…….but yes I held it!

On the walk back she handed me a circular piece of wood called a totem for me to hold over the next few weeks and asked me to use it to try and bring back the feelings from this time in the woods. It is a piece of oak because she felt it was the right wood for me. She asked me if thoughts had come into my head but surprisingly, nothing that had been on my mind on the drive up did. I had thoughts about bringing my granddaughter to the woods to explore and imagined her in her little wellies! and thought about how one big piece of wood was like the side of a ship buried into the side of the bank. Good thoughts.

Afterwards we had a tea ceremony sipping japanese tea with a wonderful piece of natural flapjack to chat through the experience.

An hour to an hour and a half of clear, clean air and calmness. Something everyone needs at least once a month according to Nadine and some self focus in between. It sounds a bit hippyish but its all about selfcare in this crazy, modern world!

Can I suggest you give it a go!

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