How much is too much? In case you didn’t know this week is Alcohol Awareness Week & I have been pondering over writing this blog. Lockdown caused liver disease to increase by 30% so raising awareness is really important. 

Many of you know that I gave up drinking 4 and a half years ago and there is nothing worse than someone who has given up something & then harps on about it is there?!  Reformed smokers are probably the worse! They didn’t seem to smell smoke on themselves at all when they smoked! 😂


  • How aware are we of how much we drink? 
  • Do we think we drink too much but because our friends do too, think it is OK?
  • Because it’s legal & bottomless Prosecco is such a big thing it’s absolutely fine?
  • You think you won’t have a good time unless you have lots to drink OR
  • You need a couple of drinks to gain confidence to speak to people? 

How many drinks is too much drink? 2 units a day is supposed to be good for you! Everything in moderation but bingeing is a no no. I remember booking a well woman check at a private hospital a short time after a friend of mine died of cancer. The form was quite lengthy to fill in before the appointment & you had to send it off with some of your poo!! Lovely for the postman!!

So do you tell the truth on the form? A bottle of wine is 9 units…. That shook me as I could easily drink at least 2 bottles a day which would be 126 units a week! So I knocked a few off & still got a good telling off from the doctor at the appointment the following week. 

Unfortunately, it was a few years after this that I decided to give up alcohol completely. I’m not righteous about it! I don’t care if everyone else drinks, gets drunk, makes a fool of themselves & feels rubbish the next day!  I am just glad that isn’t me anymore. My skin is better, I hope my health is better, my head is clearer & I get more done. 

Do you think you drink too much but am scared you won’t have a good time? Scared you will be boring? Scared you’ll lose your friends?

Speak to someone. Email me if you want a chat. 

If you are wondering if you drink too much…. You probably are! Don’t wait until it’s too late. 

If you want a self help book try this

If you feel you need more than that try this

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