I am not sure what I think of the title really, to be a baby boomer. It sounds like we have all gone baby mad but we were the babies of people that had gone mad in the swinging sixties!!

 It is said that the sixties were a great time to be an adventurous child. Family life was said to be linked with freedom but as the oldest of 3 daughters I certainly didn’t notice any freedom really! Looking back, my feeling was that as I was the first child and my parents hadn’t had any practice with any others, they were strict with me!  The three of us were 4 years apart so my youngest sister, 8 years below me certainly seemed to have it easier in my opinion! When she reads this she will probably not agree!

Anyway, what are we baby boomers or just boomers supposed to be like?

In 2019 we were the largest generational cohort in the UK, followed closely by the Millennials. I only slip into the end of them because boomers were born from 1946 to 1964 so as a 1961 baby I only just fit in.

What are we known for?

We are the longest living generation in history and at the forefront of the longevity economy, either generating income in the workforce or in their turn, consuming the taxes of younger generations.

82.3% of us belong to at least one social networking site and facebook is the most popular for us!

So finally, lets look at our characteristics! I like them!

Independent, confident, self reliant and goal oriented. We have had increased educational and financial opportunities than other generations which has led us to be achievement orientated and career focused more than the generation before us and we welcome exciting, challenging projects, striving to make a difference. 

As I have read, something has cropped up that is a little worrying…..we are working longer, especially after retirement age but with that can come less well-being and anxiety. Do we want to prove ourselves too much? Lets enjoy our retirement…you never know how long you have!

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