Maxixe Well, it is just over a week away that I go to Windsor Castle to collect my MBE. It was so long ago that I was first told. June 2020 in fact and at the time I was not allowed to tell anyone, except Mr K of course, until Autumn because they wanted to give some more out to people that had gone above and beyond during Covid. October 9th was the date it was released to the public and now 15 months on I am going to collect it. I don’t know who will give it to me but I don’t think the Queen is doing them at the moment, bless her so maybe Prince Charles, Princess Anne or William?

The question people keep asking me is…What are you going to wear?! and as usual it is just over a week to go and I only got round to getting something yesterday. To be honest, yes I have lots of dresses but because it is January I need to be warm, I felt I needed a matching dress and jacket or matching dress and coat. I have said from the onset that I was not going to buy anything new but would get something preloved, sustainable from either a Charity Shop or Dress Agency.

There are quite a few Dress Agencies around now but they are spread out so you cant really do a few in a day so I targeted The Smart Exchange in Pershore as I had called them and they sounded really helpful on the phone.

When you get there it is an absolute gem of a place. They sell everything from jeans, shoes, bags, ballgowns in every size and mother of the bride type outfits in every size. It is an Aladdin’s Cave of affordable items! I must add that my friend Fi and I also took my wonderful granddaughter, who is going through the terrible twos i.e. testing the boundaries and being stroppy as well as potty training so we had the potty in the bag too! The whole experience was a challenge!

We targeted the mother of the bride section and tried on about 6 outfits. Now, I am a quick shopper! I know what I like, as I am a style and colour expert, and I know exactly what colours suit me and those that do not! Eventually we decided on a lovely stone dress and coat with a black fascinator and we trundled out of the shop with child, big bag and some goodies for Fi too (coat and blouse) bargains

It will have to be altered but will be back by Friday – Just in time! Pictures will be released then!

Big thanks to Angie and her assistant at The Smart Exchange in Pershore ooh and Fi who has the patience of a saint!

A very successful Saturday! I will definitely be returning.

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