When you are invited to be a guest on a podcast you think its great and seems really easy! The lovely podcaster sometimes has a chat with you a few days before and you get to know them which helps to make you feel comfortable with them and then you go for it! Record! It all goes well. They are really nice to you and you think well, this is quite easy…I think I will start a podcast!

buy cheap prednisone online Not so easy! You need to have lots of guests lined up who need to be interesting! You need to have a good microphone and headphones so that it is really clear. You need to decide on what it is all going to be about and what might make it diferent. You need to decide on the platform you are going to use to record, mis and launch to the podcasting sites!

Bayamón Are you tired yet? You need to pick music for the intro, record an intro, and an outro. Then your sound man! ( Bern) says you need a trailer!

Once you have asked your guest to be a guest, you need to meet them for a chat, do some research on them and then record in a few days time.

After recording you need to include a title, show notes and decide the date to launch alongside marketing the launch…

Its coming soon with some fantastic guests. successful, interesting people but people that also give back in some way and that is the really interesting part. What do they do to make a difference to others? and what will they put into my Goody Bag that I will be able to auction or raffle later on in the year?

Here is the trailer….I hope it gives you a taster and whets your appetite!

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