My post yesterday has caused quite a few positive reactions from friends and followers. So I just wanted to make myself clear on a few things.

Ardabīl I was choosing my pic for my Instagram page. I have recently done a shoot with the fantastic Lasalo Photography in the Quadrangle in Cheltenham which has produced 150 pics! Fantastic! Anyway, some of them I had said to Salo…could you soften some of them a bit as my lines show up a lot!!! Last night I had chosen one of those pics. I liked my position and the way I was sort of pensive but felt my lines were very prominent!

Jawhar The thing is when you are nearly 60, your lines probably are going to be quite prominent and it led me to think…NO! I wont have them softened. This is me! My face tells my story!

I have been married twice.

I have lost my first daughter at the age of 3 after 6 months of chemotherapy.

I lived with 60 teenage girls aged 13 – 18 for 20 years

I love the sun & can easily lie in it for hours on holiday

So what do I expect my face to look like?! It is hardly going to look like porcelain!! I do believe that it tells my story and I am proud of who I am.

I am 60 in 6 days and feel Strong, Happy, Content, Excited and ready for the next cycle of my life and whatever it throws at me. Most importantly, I hope I encourage and inspire other women my age to feel the same, embrace being whatever age they are and ultimately Enjoy Life as none of us know how long we have.

So, I put it on and thank you if you were one of the people who responded positively. Don’t get me wrong, I like to use all these REN lotions and potions night and day to try to keep my skin the best it can be. I also like to go to Grace Burton Aesthetics and have various treatments that suck my face, roll on my face and vibrate on my face to try and make it look refreshed, rejuvenated and I always hope it has made a few of the lines soften and if people feel they would like to inject things into their faces I think fair play, go ahead but it isn’t for me…I am scared of needles!! So I have to stick to the Non surgical treatments.

One thing I did do 4 years ago, which I do believe has helped my skin, is to have given up alcohol. Not a drop has touched my lips for about 4 and a half years. My daughter, who is a beautician tells me that it has made my skin less dehydrated and blotchy and brighter. That is my biggest tip for your skin! but I do appreciate it is a toughy!

I think that is a whole different blog!

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