‘Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.’ Les Miserables, pub.1862 but for some the thought of another 4 weeks… at least! …..at home, possibly living alone is not a great thought. The mornings are dark and it gets dark at 4 p.m. making it very different from the last time we were in lockdown. Some people will say…well it isn’t really lockdown this time as schools and colleges are attending, construction is carrying on and sports events are now being held even if it is without a crowd but for some that will not be able to see grandchildren or family because we can only meet with one other person outside it is going to seem a long 4 weeks.

This has made me realise that we can try to engage people, give them something to look forward to and feel part of and I am launching Lockdown Lattes at 2 p.m. each day. It is open to everyone…men and women, in fact our first guest is going to be a man. Those that are furloughed and might feel stuck in and those that are unable to get out as it gets colder and maybe are not very agile or cannot drive….and some that are working at home or in the office and just tune in anyway so that they dont get FOMO!! (fear of missing out)!!

P.S. You don’t have to drink Lattes…It just started with an L !!! Please feel free to drink TEA!!!…It is the afternoon!…and have cake!…we are going to talk about cake!

I want to urge everyone to let friends or relatives know about this happening everyday at 2 p.m. The possible snag is that they will need to be on facebook or be sat with someone who is…or can you get them on!! I will go live at 1.55 and give people time to get on!…and fill it with chat, guests, uplifters, hopefully some laughter and some encouragement.

During the first lockdown, which admittedly was long! many of us actually made friends online which if someone had told me would happen beforehand I would have been dubious but I really did. This came from networking on zoom and especially forming the Glos Local Group on Talk Business. We meet every friday and have really got to know each other personally and in a business sense. talkbusinessuk.co.uk/ I can’t wait for this all to be over so that we can meet in person. It is going to be mad…I am hoping to get the same sort of camaraderie from the Lockdown Lattes and have a lovely group of people who gel!

So off we go…lets get lots of people to get on to Facebook Live at 2 p.m. and cheer some people up if they need it…some don’t have to partake in any way at all but just listen…

Spread the word Guys…they can be from anywhere in the world…isnt that cool?! Except it could be the middle of the night in Australia!!!


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