Southaven I was looking forward to playing at a black tie event, which meant I could change dresses each set! 3 x sequins! But it wasnt too be and actually I would have struggled to sing and play for a couple of hours because my throat is sore and my nose runs constantly!

cheap Clomiphene uk I don’t think we have not had a toast at midnight for New Year for years and years but after watching an audience with Adele – brilliant and then ‘Respect’ which was amazing I was done in! and it was only 10.30! I remember one year when the kids were young we had a glass of fizz of our roof in Spain, which was cool! We’ve had New Years in Abu Dhabi, Seville and I have played in Bahrain and Dubai on New Years Eve in the past….Great nights.

This morning getting the confirmation from the PCR that I am positive was a bit emotional…not sure why…the thought of staying in till next Friday, although that would be 10 days and doesn’t tie in with the rules about testing negative on day 6 and 7 and then you can get out!

We’ve taken all the decs down today to make up for the fact that we are not at the Races with the High Sheriff of Gloucestershire and all I have left to do today now is sort out my emails!! A lot of people will be pleased if I do this because I have about 6 accounts and can never find anything!! I need a PA!!

In the past my email inbox has become so clogged and full of emails that I haven’t read or dealt with that I have just deleted the lot. I remember it being very refreshing!!! It was great to start again but what if there was something really important in there!!

So I wont do that! I will trawl through and might delete some by mistake amongst all the rubbish, which I need to unsubscribe from but it needs to be cleansed! I know…store them in files on the side!! I do do that! I don’t know how it all builds up really… but I am on it…now…or shall I just have another biscuit first!!

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