The outfit is sorted although I think most people will be surprised and possibly disappointed that it is not really bright! It is very Classic! and of course I have nails to match!! Pics out on Tuesday! The Hotel is booked right opposite Windsor Castle and we have decided to make a short break of it. We go Monday morning, the investiture is on Tuesday and we come back on Wednesday. We might get some sustainable shopping in!! Apparently Marlow is lovely.

The Restaurant is booked for the celebratory meal at The Ivy Marlow Garden. Obviously we try and visit every Ivy that we can to test them out and compare with Cheltenham. It is supposed to be very pretty but the loos are nowhere near those in Exeter or Winchester! haha.

Mr K’s suit fits! I did say to Bern about 3 weeks ago. ‘I think you should try your suits on as time is moving quickly’. If you don’t wear them regularly you can easily expand out of them. All is good – we have a choice of two!

The cat will be fed – We have people coming in and out and Titch will be grumpy that we have left him but will hopefully enjoy the visitors!

I will not do any meetings for 3 days! Maybe I should put an ‘out of office’ on. I never put an out of office on but I could put Sorry away visiting royalty for a couple of days!! Actually, I am meeting someone on Wednesday afternoon but no meetings for two and a half days which will be novel…no zoom meetings! – wonderful!

So, once I have packed tomorrow – We are ready! I always pack my pillow. Does anyone else do that? I just can’t sleep on big pillows. Mine is feather and thin and perfect. I always take it! It means I have a big case for 48 hours but who cares really?!! Bern!

It was June 2020 when I received the email from the Cabinet Office asking me if I would accept an MBE from the Queen It feels so long ago, well it is a long time ago but we are really looking forward to it and can’t wait to see what it looks like in the flesh. I have got my miniature which I have worn twice at Honourable Company of Gloucestershire Dinners with Princess Anne and the Duke of Gloucester but am excited to get the big one!!

It’s a little unreal as you don’t think little girls brought up in terraced houses off the A38 will end up with an Honour from the Queen and it does make me feel a little bit sad that my Mum and Dad are not alive to know about it…. they would have been very proud. Dad would have cried. Bless him.

I must give Viv Burroughs, a friend of mine, who I worked with at Dean Close a mention and big thanks for putting me forward. Apparently it was a lot of work and took her a long time….She is a star!

Just off to practise my curtsey! although I have been told a man will come in at the Castle to show us how to do it properly!


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