We have now settled into a bit of a routine. Firstly – not setting the alarm! getting up gently with a cup of tea in bed, studyimg BBC Weather and popping our for a walk, gathering some groceries (thats an old word isn’t it!) and grabbing a coffee. Normal holiday stuff.

order disulfiram online If it’s a bit windy we move our loungers around the garden to get the least windy spot and settle on them for a few hours. What is not normal is to get a bird flying through the air & dropping a poo on your leg whilst sunbathing! Now, my Mum and Dad would have said…Its Lucky!! I think that is an old wives tale but I didn’t think it was very lucky! but…maybe we will win the lottery tonight for £103million as Bern made me choose some numbers today!

Yesterday we took a trip into the town of Chiclana de la Frontera. It is a lovely little place with lots of shops, a market and plenty of churches and coffee shops and…lots of new ladies boutiques have opened with bright colours.

Lovely Chiclana

I actually needed a few thinnish jumpers because I did a big sort out last time I was out and didn’t bring any – thinking it would be boiling! so off I went. Unfortunately, they are all geared up for summer and I struggled to find any until I hit upon Springfield and they had two racks reduced. This was my jumper haul…..

A walk along the old harbour and lunch where the fish is caught set us up for another afternoon on the loungers bird poo free! Old Sancti Petri is full of history, crumbling buildings, a small harbour and a little beach that offers the inflatable banana boat things in the summer. It is a great place for kite surfing as the windy swirls round the peninsula. But, it is relativelu untouched and very uncommercial. That is why we like it.

But today – it rained so we decided to head off to Gibraltar. It is a weird one. You drive down and park on the Spanish side and then go through passport control to enter Gibraltar which is owned by the English and has both Spanish and English people living and working there. You can pay in English pounds or euros, which makes it more and the items are tax free. It is a good place to buy perfume – I got some Jean Paul Gautier – Scandal, cigarettes – got some for Ollie and booze is cheap but we cant take it back through security at Jerez. IT absolutely chucked it down and we got home a bit damp and tired. and it wasn’t a great end of the day to see Gloucester lose against Bristol on the TV at Rugby! so I hit my big bath on legs to warm up!

Tomorrow is going to be sunny!!!

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