buy Lyrical dance costumes online These ladies in the pic have given 78 years in total, volunteering for the Pied Piper Appeal. When I saw them today they totted it up and we added them all together and honestly, they are proud of themselves and so they should be. Three of them have done 22 years together. Most of their volunteering has involved making lunches, tea and cakes for visitors to Highnam Court but they have also shaken buckets and been on stalls selling things for the children’s charity in Gloucestershire that was started 30 years ago next year.

buy cenforce 50 mg What makes people volunteer?

Gorodets Most leave it until they have retired because they have more time, but we need volunteers of all ages. Many volunteer in their retirement because it keeps them active and they also told me that it keeps them young. They love to meet younger people involved in the charity and hear what they are getting up to whilst sharing their own stories!

There is research showing that people that volunteer in later life on a regular basis live longer. Helping others and thinking of others produces endorphins that make us feel good. It opens the passages in the brain that are opened when we eat something really lovely or enjoy something immensely. What a winner!

Another great thing about helping others is that the people you help also feel good! It’s a win win! It could be something as simple as helping someone in the supermarket, across the road, on to the bus or giving someone a quick call. Of course trustees of charities are volunteers and many people volunteer at hospitals and hospices. Volunteering can be as demanding as you want it to be.

In 2019/20, approximately 19 million people in England took part in either formal or informal volunteering at least once a month. In the same period approximately 28 million people in England took part in either formal or informal volunteering at least once in the last 12 months.

The charities I am involved with are always seeking volunteers to do a shift in a charity shop, donate some food or even follow a charity on social media and share their posts. This will help to lift their profile. Just think…..Volunteering from your armchair!!

Contact any of these charities if you live in Gloucestershire and want to volunteer or contact your local community charity.

You will see the benefits after day 1….It can be infectious!

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