buy Ivermectin uk Who thinks that coincidences can sometimes be a bit spooky!! let me tell you my scenario today. As we had put up with each other for 31 years on August 4th… in fact probably about 33 years really, we decided to have a night away for our anniversary. It is always difficult to decide where to go so we decided that we would look at where the Hotel du Vin hotels were as we had such a great time at the Exeter one a few weeks ago.

Brighton was tempting but we didn’t want to be away too long so went for Winchester. It has a cathedral, an Ivy, 8 charity shops and wasn’t too far away. Perfect destination!!

Anyway – we had a great time and in the last hour fell across a dress agency called Redress. I started to chat to the lady and found a dress and shoes that I liked. As I was going into the changing room she asked where we were from and we said Gloucestershire. She said she had family in Gloucestershire who lived in a small place called Hucclecote!!!…exactly where we live!!

We started to follow each other on instagram as the conversation followed and we talked about the charity work I am involved with and my MBE. I told her about losing Emily and we then discovered that her friend who worked with her in the shop has a son with leukaemia at the moment and is on treatment on the children’s centre in their area!!!

So much of a coincidence and there were tears all round!…Isn’t it just crazy!! We immediately felt a bond with these two ladies that we had never met before!!

It makes me wonder…were we destined to meet these ladies? were we supposed to go into their shop today?

Who knows?!

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