Is there anything? We live in such crazy times that we don’t really know what is going to happen next.

Giannits√° I had the whole of september 2019 to September 2020 planned out. It was my last year of 30 at Dean Close School. I had told the last group of girls that I wa going to take through for five years that they would be the last group to do that with. They kept joking about how special they were!! and of course they were special! In fact in the last year I called them my Last Rolos! That’s what our What’s app group was called…The Last Rolos. You know after the advert years ago…do you love them enough to give them your last rolo?

But it wasn’t to be was it? The big final dinner and ball with them. Their final Speech Day. Then the big reunion of all the girls and their parents that I had ever looked after in 20 years of boarding school life. Getting all the pupils I had taught back and a massive party for all. It wasn’t to be!

The first holiday in 30 years in term time in September 2020. I wanted to be away when everyone went back to school as I wouldn’t be going back after all those years…but no one was going away last september! Lets hope we manage it this year.

I am lucky – I haven’t lost my business, my home or my friends during these crazy times. I don’t have the stress of wondering if things will pick up to where they were. So many are struggling with business worries, have lost people and are struggling with their own headspace.

But not only all of that. It is August. You would think that you could organise an event in August and have lovely weather. Have it outside in the sunshine just like we remember doing when we were young. Years ago, country fetes went ahead with glorious sunshine but so far this month it feels as if we have had rain, wind and coldness! Last weekend our collecting buckets had more water than coins in them at a family fun day! We cant even rely on the weather!!

Is there anything we can rely on? Ourselves I would say and our true friends and relatives. They are there for us no matter what. Whatever we think, do, don’t do, unconditionally. They are who we can rely on so make sure they know you appreciate them.

And make sure you are there for others to rely on too…..

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