I love a man with a sense of humour and 70 year old Martin has had to have a sense of humour working with temperamental musicians, actors and artists for years and years.

After studying to be a teacher, but wanting to be a composer he ended up becoming a sound engineer for bands all over the world. He has a genuine interest in how things sound and especially the microphones used to get that sound and has been responsible for recording and doing the live sound for Pam Ayres and Clive James at their theatre shows.

I have played in bands with Martin and worked with him on song demos for years. It is always lots of fun when he is around. People used to write songs and send them to him to record. He would send them to me to learn and record, maybe add a sax or flute solo and send it back to them. Happy Times!

He is still enjoying the life of entertainment and is not thinking of retiring yet although he doesn’t carry all the equipment in anymore!

What do you think he puts in my goody bag?

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