can you buy Ivermectin over the counter What a treat to chat to Kevin who says ‘I’ve never done a hard days work in my life’ meaning he has loved every single minute of being a professional cricketer since the age of 16 and is now in his sixties. He talks about coaching Joe Root at the age of 12 and seeing his potential and what a great life cricket has given him.  He expected to have retired by now but it just hasn’t worked out that way and is enjoying his time at Worcestershire despite being a proud northerner!

Having studied Jazz & Light Music in Leeds it was great to listen to the Leeds accent again and am pretty sure I saw him play at Headingly as I went to watch some matches there.

I hope you enjoy his positivity and energy and most importantly… What does he put in my Goody Bag which will definitely be auctioned in aid of The Pied Piper Appeal in Gloucestershire to raise funds for sick children.

Read it here….

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