buy Lyrica belfast Serena is a former BBC World Service news journalist,  worked many years in Berlin for the English service of Germany’s public international broadcaster, DW TV, on news, documentaries and promotions. Her voice can be heard in museums all over the world guiding visitors round exhibitions and on podcasts for all kinds of clients.

As a writer she composes Queen’s Honours nominations and as a young woman in her early sixties has started a new business founding Made4U Podcasts which launches and runs lively and intelligent podcasts for corporate clients of all sizes.

Her speciality is explaining the process of podcasting in simple, easy to follow ways for those choosing her in-house podcast courses…. I downloaded her ‘To Do’ list but for others  who just want it made for them Serena is ready, willing and able!

We had a great chat about ow much we are enjoying our sixties! despite it only being a couple of weeks for me and what do you think she puts in my Goody Bag?

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