Great start today to my first Lockdown Latte show on facebook live. The idea behind it is to give some people a bit of company over the next 4 weeks especially if they live alone. It is about listening and actually my guest today commented on how good it is for us to just sit and listen because we like to be entertained all the time and listening is good for us. He also encouraged lots of personal thought too and certainly gave us lots to think about how we perceive things especially without any sort of heads up! Over the next 4 weeks I am going to invite various friends on to chat about what they are doing during lockdown, talk about their books if they have written one and I am hoping to speak to people that have or do struggle with their mental health and hopefully hear from them what has helped them.

When I first met Ged he was a keyboard player in a band at night and a school teacher in the daytime! He soon had to give up teaching to play professionally and following a few years playing around this area he went to Yugoslavia and then on to Tenerife playing and singing in bars. He has been doing that for 30 years! He made us extremely jealous by telling us that it is 24 degrees in Tenerife at the moment!…lucky him!

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Watch Ged perform here

The primary reason for having him on today was to talk about his book…It is called Amazing – A Voyage of self discovery and is available on Amazon.

He says everyone would read the book differently and that is the idea of it. As an example he talks about a college lecture where the students are not given any title of what the lecture will be on or the name of the person that is going to do the lecture. He says that whatever you are given makes you start to make assumptions before you even meet them or see them and by having no information at all you then start to make assumptions and decisions about the person delivering the lecture without any substance and the book can be interpreted differently which I sense he is very pleased about….we hope to get him back after a few of us have read it.

This is the description of the book on Amazon…. This book is a refreshing look at the way in which our thinking affects our perception of reality, and how this in turn affects the way we function. Through a collection of creative stories, the author Ged Roberts considers how we think about ourselves, how we think about others, and how we think about how others think about us. “Amazing” is the spider´s web of mystery, intrigue, drama and suspense that we create, through our thinking, as our very own unique reality.

Mine is on its way and I urge you to order and read it. If you missed it the link to watch is here

Skip the beginning…lots of technical hitches!!

Here are the events that we plugged today too!

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