Templin I can’t believe it. After all these months and all the people I have seen I now have covid and it is not the most ideal time to get it!

  1. I can’t do the New Years Eve Gig and I was really looking forward to playing in Cheltenham.
  2. I cant see my granddaughter and haven’t seen her since before Christmas because Mr K had covid.
  3. Can’t go to the races on New Years day which we have got tickets for.
  4. Have had to move our holiday which is booked for 5th January!

http://ipswichekiden.co.uk/results/ Just a few things!!

I did a test today and it went straight to the C on the test so just carried on, did my exercises and had my breakfast. About 2 hours later I looked at my test and could see a faint line at the T point! I couldn’t believe it! so did another and it came up the same…..but positive!

so possibly 6 or 7 days or…10 days in!

So how am I going to approach this considering I like being with people? Can’t go out? can’t really see anyone? It did make me swear!!

So this is the plan. (I do like a plan) Work out every day, eat well and healthily and come out refreshed and ready to start 2022 properly!

It is a weird feeling. I can’t even go to the shop next door! Even in the big lockdown last year we could go to the supermarket and even go for a walk, but now. We cant go anywhere!

Next part of the plan is to also clear all our cupboards & boxes in the whole house! Sort all the c**p! We need to see this as a positive! I wonder if I will be saying that on day 5!!

Anyone else locked in? How are you feeling? Is it getting to you?

I have dug my colouring books out too!! and have contemplated watching the whole boxed set of something!! The Crown?

The trouble is sometimes.

When you have a lot of time ahead of you, you get distracted! and don’t always get it all done!!…we shall see…

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